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All Moto Adventure-Utah Dirtbike Tours


What began as a passion for motorized 2-wheeled machines over 35 years ago has resulted in the creation of Utah’s premier offroad dirtbike tour and guide service.


With a mission to provide the best offroad riding experience Utah has to offer, All Moto Adventure is here to help you live your dreams of riding in America’s most diverse and beautiful terrain. Whether you are into alpine single track, red rock desert and canyons, or a combination we can help you experience it all. 

If you know what you want in a tour or guide service-let’s put together a plan to make it happen.

If you know you want to ride Utah but aren’t sure where to start, no problem-we love talking dirtbikes, terrain and riding. Drop a line and let’s talk. There’s no question related to riding we won’t answer. We simply love talking, riding, exploring and living dirtbikes!

Meet Your Guides:



Our primary off-road adventure guide, Chucky, has over 25 years of riding experience.


His motto: "If a cow can get through this trail, so can I."


He doesn't need a map or GPS. He doesn't backflip, he simply rides-FAST! Any place, any time, any terrain...the more scenic and isolated the better.

He's experienced in everything from roadracing, supermoto to desert. And he's darn good at it too-just ask him. If you want to find the best spots in Utah he's your man.

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